Best of 2017: Financial Management Thought Leadership Webinar Series

Program Monitoring and Data Reporting Systems at Federally Qualified Health Centers

David Wagner, MURP, MHCM, CPME - Owner, FQHC Consultants

Join us in this webinar as David Wagner, owner of FQHC Consultants, Inc., discusses how important it is for Federally Qualified Health Centers to effectively monitor programs, stay compliant with federal requirements, and use data-based reports to maximize performance. He will dive into Uniform Data System (UDS) and Health and Human Services (HHS) reporting requirements and best practices. David is also a compliance officer for Florida’s Genuine Health Group and earned his Masters in Healthcare Management from the University of New Orleans.

Streamlining the Grant Cycle with Automated Processes

Stacy Fitzsimmons, Owner, SNF Writing Solutions

This webinar will give insight on how to streamline the grant cycle with automated processes. Stacy Fitzsimmons, owner of SNF Writing Solutions, is an established project management and grant-writing professional with expertise in federal and state proposal writing. Stacy works with several health systems and hospital foundations across the country creating streamlined grant processes, seeking mission-centered grant funds, and efficiently managing government awards with accountability to funder regulations and guidelines. In this detailed session, Stacy will go over best practices, the ROI, and process of grant cycle automation.

Digital Accountability and Transparency Act: What it Means to You

Lucy Morgan, CPA, MBA, and GPA-Approved Trainer

In this webinar, Lucy Morgan will cover trends that led to the passage of the Digital Accountability and Transparency (DATA) act in 2014. She’ll discuss the act’s details, including how it will be enforced and the impact it will have. She’ll also share tips on how to survive the implementation and use it to your advantage.

What to Consider When Moving to the Cloud

Michael Blanton, Product Marketer, Blackbaud & James Bradley, Solutions Engineer, Blackbaud

In recent years, the cloud computing market has experienced a remarkable surge in growth, and it’s transforming the way people communicate and do business. In this webinar, Michael Blanton, product marketer, Financial Solutions and James Bradley, solutions engineer, from Blackbaud, will discuss how to ensure that new technology investments will help advance the goals of your nonprofit without jeopardizing the continuity and integrity of the financial office.

The Nonprofit Business Office and Mission Success

Russell Pomeranz, President & CEO, Claverack Advisory Group

This webinar will give further insight into the link between finance and mission goals. Russ Pomeranz, president and CEO of the Claverack Advisory Group, will take a deep look into the systems, transactions, and personnel that roll into the general ledger. He’ll examine best practices for using the business office to influence decision making in cash management, budgeting, forecasting, and in building a stronger relationship between your front and back office.

Top Strategies and Tech Solutions for Grant Management

Cynthia Adams, CEO, GrantStation

This webinar will cover the process of establishing a grants calendar for the next 12 to 18 months. Fast-paced, and filled with action steps, Cynthia Adams, CEO of GrantStation, will discuss how to design and adopt a Grant Decision Matrix before building a specific grants strategy for each project.

Preparing for a Successful Audit: a Conversation between Auditor and Auditee

Peter G. Montano, Director, PGM LLC & Kathy Finnell, Director, PGM LLC

This unique webinar will feature Peter G. Montano and Kathy Finnell of PGM LLC discussing how to ensure a successful audit. They’ll review how to prepare, legislative requirements, the auditee’s responsibilities, and how to keep costs down. You’ll also hear about best practices from top organizations that are using the auditing process to improve long-term planning.

Taking Back the Back Office: Tips to Reduce Overhead and Improve Efficiency

Lucy Morgan, CPA, MBA, and GPA-Approved Trainer

Lucy Morgan is back at it again. In this webinar, she’ll share her expertise on how to reduce overhead in the business office and where the industry is headed in terms of reduced overhead expectations and investments in automation. She’ll also give her perspective on how to collaborate more effectively and how to get the right people, processes, and productivity measurement tools in place. You’ll walk away knowing more about how professionals can and should own the back office and how technology can help.

Building the Best General Ledger and Reporting Experience

Michael Blanton, Blackbaud

In this webinar, our very own nonprofit accounting consultant Michael Blanton will review best practices for general ledger design and how to avoid common pitfalls. He’ll also share his expertise on building the best reporting experience. Do you know the right questions to ask yourself during the design phase? Or if you have the right technology to make reporting easy? Don’t worry, this guy can fill you in.

Taking it to the Board: Tips to Present Strategic Information

Elizabeth (Bess) Hamilton Foley, EHF Nonprofit Financial Management Consulting

More than ever before, boards are demanding more insight and transparency into an organization’s financial picture. How do you prepare for this and ensure that what you’re showing is strategically useful and easy to understand? In this webinar, Bess Foley joins us again to share her wisdom. She’ll outline the types of financial reports you’ll need and how to present the information to inform long-term decisions. You’ll learn about dashboards, business intelligence tools, and best practices for presenting a variety of reports. Trust us, you don’t want to miss her expert advice!

How to Improve Nonprofit Performance with the Right Financial Management Software

Adam Bluemner, Managing Editor, Find Accounting Software

Nonprofit organizations of all types face opportunities, challenges, and tough decisions every day. And as you grow, those challenges become more complex and you may find yourself with an accounting system that can’t keep up. This leads to wasted time and inaccurate data. In this webinar, accounting software expert Adam Bluemner will cover what to look for in a solution to overcome those hurdles and manage income and expenses effectively. Not only does Adam know his software, but he’s also a talented Internet marketer, business technology writer, and managing editor at

How Catholic Health Initiatives National Foundation Embraced a Sub-ledger

Hospital philanthropic organizations continue to face increasing demands. In order to keep up, they need accurate, up-to-date financial information and the ability to use that information to make mission-critical decisions. Hear directly from Catholic Health Initiatives National Foundation about the benefits it is seeing from having a sub-ledger for the hospital foundation.

Creating a General Ledger Structure You Can Account On

Elizabeth (Bess) Hamilton Foley, EHF Nonprofit Financial Management Consulting

Your general ledger is at the heart of your financial management system and the financial state of your organization. In this webinar, our experts will show you how to revamp your chart of accounts for better visibility, scalability, and flexibility from your general ledger. We’re talking improved data quality, clearer reporting, and less ad hoc spreadsheets.

How to Build Trust with Strong Internal Controls

Lucy Morgan, CPA, MBA, and GPA approved trainer

As a growing nonprofit, you’re probably familiar with being audited. You know that if certain requirements aren’t met, your organization could be in trouble. And having strong internal controls and policies can protect your organization during this time. But do you know exactly what controls you should have in place?

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