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CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT Target ALS Foundation Target ALS Foundation is a nonprofit organization with the overall goal of accelerating development of new treatments for ALS. It drives novel ALS drug discovery programs by funding collaborations focused on the development of new therapeutic targets. To ensure that all ideas get tested, the organization also helps provide access to essential tools and resources for those who need it—especially young researchers. Financial Edge NXT Fits the Bill for Target ALS Foundation Target ALS Foundation Treasurer Kenneth Devaney was tasked with finding an accounting solution that fit the needs of the organization. "It didn't make a lot of sense to have QuickBooks ® or anything that was dependent on a laptop or desktop," said Kenneth. Seeing as he and the other employees travel often, the new solution needed to be mobile so the team could access the data anytime and anywhere. So, he set his sights on an easy-to-use cloud funding solution backed by a strong support team. Early in the software hunt, Kenneth realized that getting attention from other software providers was a struggle in itself. "When I reached out directly to some companies, because of our size, they weren't particularly interested," he said. And when Kenneth finally did get in touch with someone, he felt they were only in it for the sale and could not speak about using the software personally. "I just really like Financial Edge NXT. Out of everything I've looked at, it is far more intuitive. I had a picture in my head of what was happening as we were doing it." —Kenneth Devaney, Treasurer Target ALS Foundation is powered by: • Financial Edge NXT ™ Learn More 800.443.9441 August 2016

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