Best of 2016: Financial Management Thought Leadership Webinar Series

How Save the Manatee Club Raised More and Spent Less with Integrated Fundraising and Financial Solutions

Tonya Higgins, Director of Development and Operations, Save the Manatee Club

In this webinar, Tonya Higgins, director of development and operations for Save the Manatee Club, will explain how her organization increased recurring donations, gained productivity, and added new peer-to-peer fundraising streams. Shaheen Parks, principal consultant of Forrester Research, will review how she determined the Total Economic Impact of these solutions on Save the Manatee Club's mission.

Step-by-Step Single Audit Prep: Your Guide to the Uniform Guidance

Lucy Morgan, CPA, MBA, GPA-Approved Trainer

Are you expecting an audit? Join us for a webinar where you’ll be guided on how to prepare for your first single audit and the recent regulations that can affect your organizational plans around audit prep. We’ll highlight the three key changes to the single audit process that grant managers should be keenly aware of, along with advice for avoiding deficiencies in audit findings and top tips to ensure that your single audit runs smoothly.

What you Need to Know About the New FASB Reporting Model

Susan Weiss Budak, Author

The changes in the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) guidance for nonprofit financial statements are significant. The reporting of net asset classes, decisions on how expense categories are allocated, and underwater endowments can have an impact on your nonprofit organization. Join Sue Budak for this important webinar to learn the main provision of this update and how your accounting office can prepare.

The Future of the CFO: Strategies for Connecting Finance and Mission to Drive Growth

Russell Pomeranz, President and CEO, Claverack Advisory Group

Join nonprofit financial expert Russell Pomeranz as he discusses ways that CFOs can drive operations to align money and mission in a way that helps organizations meet their full potential.

New Standards for Revenue Recognition: Preparing Your Organization

Thomas Walker, Product Manager, Blackbaud

In 2014, the FASB released its comprehensive standard on accounting for revenue from contracts with customers, which provides a new revenue recognition framework for all entities, including nonprofits with sources of earned income. With the effective date of the standard approaching, we will explore some examples of how it may apply to you and the potential impact on current practices.

Saying Goodbye to Software Not Built for Nonprofits

James Bradley, Senior Solutions Engineer, Blackbaud

Your nonprofit’s goal is to focus on its mission and grow and expand its impact. But if you’re using QuickBooks, that goal may be out of reach. QuickBooks is not a fund accounting solution, and it will eventually reach its limits. So you need a robust accounting solution made specifically for the needs of your nonprofit. Learn about the benefits of adopting a nonprofit accounting solution designed just for you, like the ability to automate balancing journal entries, report against a matrix of characteristics, and track grants.

What You Need to Know Now about Cash Reserves and Budgeting

Bess Hamilton Foley, President of EHF Nonprofit Financial Management Consulting

Join Bess Foley, president of EHF Nonprofit Financial Management Consulting, as she discusses the importance of planning for a healthy operating reserve in the nonprofit setting. We’ll explore different ways an organization might define its reserves and the importance of establishing and maintaining those reserves.

GrantStation Tells Us How to Build a Powerful Grant Strategy

Cynthia Adams, CEO, GrantStation

Are you a beginning grant writer or just looking for an exciting refresher course to help you establish your grants calendar for the year? Watch this on-demand webinar, presented by Cynthia Adams, CEO of GrantStation, to learn how to design and adopt a Grant Decision Matrix before diving into a specific plan for each project.

Tips for Choosing the Right Nonprofit Accounting Software

Melissa McCormack, Research Manager, Software Advice

Properly evaluating your organization’s unique needs against the pros and cons of different software solutions can help ensure you don’t make a costly mistake. Come hear nonprofit experts and industry leaders discuss best practices for choosing the right nonprofit accounting software for your organization.

Transparency in Reporting with the CFO of 270 Strategies

James Lum, CFO, 270 Strategies

Nonprofits are working harder than ever to quantify their impact while remaining transparent and accountable. So how are your efforts stacking up? Join James Lum, chief financial officer at 270 Strategies, as he explores some common fallacies and best practices in getting important stakeholder messages right. We'll cover impact measurement standards, 990s, and stakeholder engagement.

Paramount WorkPlace: Top Trends in Purchasing and Spend Management

Rich Fowler, Blackbaud Practice Manager, Paramount Technologies

Rich Fowler, the Blackbaud Practice Manager at Paramount Technologies, discusses the top seven trends in purchasing and spend management. He will identify the trends, examine the 2015 source data, and tell us who can benefit from these trends.



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