Call for Experts: Blackbaud Financial Management Expert Series

The Blackbaud Financial Management Expert Series (BFMES) is a multichannel program for sharing the best in financial management innovation within the social good sector.

The goal of BFMES is to serve as the web’s most comprehensive and transformative resource dedicated to helping social good organizations—including nonprofits, government entities, foundations, education institutions, and healthcare organizations—achieve their mission goals through efficient, accountable, and data-driven financial management best practices.

It’s a big goal—we know. That’s why we need the help of thought leaders and industry experts like you.

So, if you’ve been looking for a way to build your thought leadership presence while doing good—this is it!

Get Involved
Applying to participate in the Blackbaud Financial Management Expert Series is easy—much easier than the years of hard work you put into becoming the expert you are!

To apply, reach out to us via email and provide your contact information and describe your proposed topic. We recommend that you address these questions in your pitch:

  • What is the central idea?
  • Why is this idea important?
  • How might our audience members apply this idea within their organization or role?

Expert Criteria
Experience: Five or more years of experience within, or servicing, the nonprofit community

Industry Knowledge: Experts should possess authoritative knowledge in one or more of the following focus areas—accounting, nonprofit financial operations, software technology

Roles: Typical roles for featured experts include consultants, accountants, outsourced CFOs, software developers, and academics

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Infographic: Financial Edge Certification Journey

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